Our strength lies in our top quality products and industrial know-how which is second to none. A large volume of our products are directly imported from manufacturers across the world with some equipment that is locally manufactured.


Our product portfolio includes the following.


Pepperl + Fuchs (KZN)              Barriers Interface + Profibus FieldConnex

                                                (Power Link & Gateway module.) Capacitive and inductive proximity switches / sensors. Rotary encoders.                                                             

Klay Instrumentation                  Stainless steel pressure and level transmitters to suit all applications. ( Extensively used in the food, paper, mining  and sugar industries.)   


Status Instruments                     PC programmable temperature transmitters, process signal isolation amplifiers.


Moore Industries                       Specialized field process instrumentation I to P converters, Current splitters, Equation stations, Signal conditioners.


SMAR                                       DP transmitters, Density transmitters and Valve positioners.


Nice Vortex flow meters.            Hot Tap Insertion Vortex Flow Meter.


Meister Sromungstechnik           Flow indicator and switches for oil and other fluids.                                                                   

Monicon Technology                 Combustion and toxic gas detection.( Fixed installation.)                                                          

BW Technologies (KZN)             Safety Gas Monitors for personal use. (Portable)                                                                     

Flowmeter                                 Variable Area flowmeters.


Thommen                                  Manometers and portable calibrators.


Beamex (KZN)                           Certified Calibrators: Pressure and temperature.                                                                                     

K-Tek                                        Sonic level and point switches, non-contact laser measuring of distance, levels and paper break detection.                       


PCME (KZN)                             Dustmaster particulate emission sensors.


SIEMENS                                 Process Instruments. ( Complete range.)


ABB                                         Process Instruments.(Complete range).




Please find below a shortened description of the rest of the agencies we represent.



Nagman(India)                                       Dead weight testers, temperature and pressure


Thommen                                              Manometers and portable calibrators.


Beamex                                                Certified Calibrators: Pressure and temperature.                                                                         

Pressure Transmitters/Switches & Gauges


Klay                                                      Pressure Transmitters.


Smar                                                    Industrial Automation pressure transmitters.


Siemens                                               Pressure and DP transmitters.


Danfoss                                                Pressure switches.


Level and Continuous Point switching.

Loadtech                                              Loadcells.


Laser M                                                Laser measuring of distance, levels and paper break detection.


Smar                                                    Standard and Extended Diaphragm.


Siemens                                               Radar, sonic, DP.


KTEK                                                    Sonic level and point switches.


Klay                                                      Static head type            (Hydro Bar.)


Flow meters & Flow Switches

KTEK                                                    Open channel flow.


Siemens                                               Electromagnetic, Coriolis, Ultrasonic, DP and

                                                            Variable area meters.


Nice                                                      Vortex flow meters.


Meister Sromungstechnik                       Flow indicators and switches for oil, water and other fluids.


Flowmeter                                             Variable Area flowmeters.





Temperature controllers & Probes.

Temperature Sensors                             PT 100,RTD & T.C’s.


Alpine instruments                                 Smart Temperature indicators.


Status                                                  In-head & Din rail temperature converters.


Lutron                                                   Portable Temperature Indicators.


Gas Monitoring & Air Quality

PCME                                                   Dustmaster particulate emission sensors.



Siemens                                               Complete product range.


Danfoss                                               Industrial controls/ solenoid valves/pressure switches.


Alpine instruments                                 Panel mounted smart indicators.


Lutron                                                   Portable Ph, Conductivity, Dissolved O2.


Royce                                                   Ph, Conductivity, Dissolved O2.


Status                                                   Humidity, data loggers, current splitters and signal conditioners.


Smar                                                    Valve positioners.


Smar                                                    Density transmitters.

Pepperl+Fuchs                                      Barriers Interface + Profibus FieldConnex

                                                            (Power Link & Gateway module.)  proximity switches, photo sensors, vision sensors

Rotary Encoders.


Valves and Actuators

Rotex                                                   Pneumatic Double Rack and

Pinion Actuators / Electric Actuators.


Limitorque                                             Electric Actuators.


TTV                                                      Butterfly Valves.